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Cinema City: Research Art and Documentary Practices

We get Rs 2000 a day to hide our faces and Rs 1000 to expose them – Reshma, a stunt woman in Hindi cinema, on how she earns more working as a body double than by appearing in an original role.
The City and Cinema: twins in the large clan of wars, moving people and goods, technology-based modernity, and colonial and post-colonial identities of the 20th century. They have never been separated in a crowded fair, and so have never got a chance to rediscover each other at the peak of their youth and at the height of their adrenalin rush. Instead, they have spun a thicker plot in which to impersonate each other, hawk moulds off one another and, most importantly, lay down a set of signs to codify the other.

The relationship between the city and its cinema is imaginary yet tactile, complementary and also ambivalent, momentary and still recyclable – in short, it speaks of a form and its apparition as well. Their relative size and perspective, however, remain fluid and interchangeable, often making the apparition seem much larger than the form itself.

Project Cinema City: Research Art and Documentary Practices is a collaborative endeavour in search of the joints between the form and its apparition, between the city and its cinema. The collaboration is modeled on contemporary, urban systems of post-industrial production: networks of assembling, processing, manufacturing, recycling … all independent and yet interdependent.

Project Cinema City is a set of enquiries into the labour, imagination, desire, access, spaces, locations, iconization, materiality, languages, migrant peoples, viewing conventions, and hidden processes that create the cinemas the city makes, and also the cities its cinema produces. The enquiries are then processed into productions of text, film, art and cartography. The multi-disciplinary research work, produced outputs and all the residuals together form a cinema city archive that is transient and open-ended – to facilitate further readings, more works.
A project of Majlis, in collaboration with Design Cell, KRVIA (Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture)

Executive Producer / Curator: Madhusree Dutta
Core Team: Apurva Parikh, Archana Hande, Kausik Mukhopadhay, Kaushik Bhaumik, Narayan Nimbalkar, Paroma Sadhana, Rohan Shivkumar, Shikha Pandey, Sunil Tandale