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Cinema City is simultaneously porous, translucent, transient, gated, abstract and ghettoized.  In order to engage with the multiplicity and plasticity of this unique configuration a set of dialogues are set across disciplines, sectors, languages, methodologies and lands beyond the canons of Urban Study and Film Study.


17th to 18th January 2015, Launch of 'Cinema Theatres in Bombay/Mumbai : A Dossier' at Matterden CFC: The Deepak, Mumbai

Bombay Launch of the book Cinema Theatres in Bombay / Mumbai: A Dossier. (A follow up on Project Cinema City 2009-2014)

Edited by Paroma Sadhana; Designed by Afrah Shafiq; A Majlis and UDRI publication, 2015, Rs. 300/-

on 17th-18th January 2015

at Matterden CFC, The Deepak, 38 NM Joshi Marg, Delisle Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai-400013


Official release by Former Chief Secretary, Govt. of Maharashtra Shri. DM Sukthankar. Followed by a panel discussion comprising of Madhusree Dutta (Curator Project Cinema City), Pankaj Joshi (Executive Director, UDRI) and Punit Shah (Owner, Deepak Talkies).

Followed by an evening of video, photo and map installations.

Additional attraction is a guided walk through the restored Deepak Talkies / The Deepak, the grand single screen cinema since 1926.

The exhibition will be on display on 17th & 18th January 2015, from 10 am to 10 pm on both days.


21st November 2014, Catalytic Commoning by the Leeds School of Architecture in collaboration with Studio X, Mumbai from 5:30 pm onwards

Public Lectures on Cinema City by

Paroma Sadhana on Cinema Theatres in Bombay / Mumbai

Rohan Shivkumar on the Archetypal Spaces of Cinema in Mumbai

Avijit Mukul Kishore on Construction of Cinematic Spaces through the Camera Lens


20th to 30th March 2014, Cinema and the City Programme at Asiatic Society of Mumbai

Public Lecture by Madhusree Dutta – Cinema: a Public Sphere of the City


16th February 2014, Delhi Book Launch of Project Cinema City at Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi from 6-8 pm

Delhi launch of the book


edited by Madhusree Dutta, Kaushik Bhaumik and Rohan Shivkumar; designed by Sherna Dastur; published by Tulika Books with Majlis and Goethe Institute, 2013, Rs.3500/-

on Sunday, 16 February 2014, 6 pm

at Max Mueller Bhavan
3 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110001


Welcome note

Screening of Sin City (director: Shrikant Agawane)

Release of the book by Vivan Sundaram, guest of honour

Project Introduction: Writing / Shooting the City – Avijit Mukul Kishore and Madhusree Dutta

Panel discussion: Ravi Vasudevan, Tushar Joag, Sherna Dastur and Kaushik Bhaumik (moderator)

‘Vicky’, a performance piece by Tadpole Repertory (Director: Neel Chaudhuri)


7th February 2014, Panel Discussion on Expanded Documentary Practices: Project Cinema City at Little Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai 2-4 pm

Documentary, once related to a fixed anthropological gaze and didactic strategy, has come a long way to be a discipline comprising multiple practices and disperse forms. Some of these developments have happened due to the democratisation of technology but a substantial part of it is also connected with the general change in the perceptions of the world order that fix the meanings of – fact, truth and representation.

Today the myriad practices of documentary as well as documentary look-alike endeavors– in the form of films, installations, news, surveillance, games, apps etc., and serving to fiction, investigation, polemics, libidinal fantasy, archeological curiosity, ideological propaganda, imaginary memories, market campaign and so on – present itself not as a definite tool but as a fluid operational choice. As a response to this phenomenon Project Cinema City, a multi-disciplinary and collaborative project to explore various configurations of the city and its cinema, has tagged itself as Research Art and Documentary Practices. The project included exercises in collating, speculating, producing, exhibiting and publishing through interfaces between multiple practices and disciplines. The expansive project was developed through five years and involved more than 100 artists, filmmakers, architects and social scientists.

On the occasion of the release of the anthology Project Cinema City and in the back drop of MIFF documentary film festival we are organising this panel to contemplate the various ways documentary is being practiced in the contemporary art, intellectual and political world. The two books – Project Cinema City and dates.sites Bombay / Mumbai will provide the base line for the discussion.

Panel: Nicole Wolf (researcher and curator), Pushpamala N (Visual Artist), Avijit Mukul Kishore (cinematographer and filmmaker), Madhusree Dutta (filmmaker and curator, Project Cinema City), Rohan Shivkumar (architect and co-editor, Project Cinema City).

Moderator: Surabhi Sharma (filmmaker)

Follwed by a Q&A session


23rd & 24th January 2014, Seminar on Culture as a Toll for Urban Development, by Aga Khan Trust for Culture at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Presentation by Madhusree Dutta – Project Cinema City: Labour, Aspiration and Space Use


11th January 2014, Book Launch of Project Cinema City AND dates.sites Bombay/Mumbai at Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 5pm onwards

The event also marked the wrap up of Project Cinema City: Research Art and Documentary Practices.

dates.sites is a graphic timeline of the 20th century Bombay / Mumbai and its public cultures anchored to its most adored public institution – Cinema. Authored by Madhusree Dutta and designed by Shilpa Gupta, Tulika Books, Delhi 2012, Rs. 995/-.

Project Cinema City is an anthology of the multidisciplinary project with written and graphic essays, annotations of art works and films, maps and oral testimonies. Eds. Madhusree Dutta, Kaushik Bhaumik and Rohan Shivkumar, designed by Sherna Dastur, Tulika Books, Delhi and Goethe Institute, 2013, Rs.3500/-.


5.00 pm

Public Exhibition at Kala Ghoda rampart (The show will be open from 10-12 January)

Bioscope – cinema/city/modernity by Kausik Mukhopadhay,

The Calendar Project: 56 calendars by Multiple Artists

Cinema City Lived: Pipeline Network by Design Cell, KRVIA

6.30-7.00 pm

Welcome address by Dr. Martin Walde, Director, MMB Mumbai

Introduction by Rohan Shivkumar, Co-editor, Project Cinema City

Release of the books by Nalini Malani, eminent visual artist and P K Nair, noted archivist and founder of National Film Archive of India.

Address by Guest of Honour: Prof.  Arjun Appadurai.

7.00-7.30 pm

Recess: Tea  and browsing through the books.

7.30-8.45 pm

Readings from the books and discussion

Contributors: Madhusree Dutta, Paromita Vohra, Prasad Shetty and Bishakha Datta

Discussants: Meenal Baghel, Kaiwan Mehta and Sooni Taraporewala

Moderator: Kaushik Bhaumik

Follwed by a Q&A session


9th December 2013, Book Launch of Project Cinema City at The International Film Festival of Kerala, Trivandrum, at 5pm, Hyacinth Hotel

Project Cinema City

Foreword by Arjun Appadurai
Eds. Madhusree Dutta, Kaushik Bhaumik and Rohan Shivkumar
Tulika Books, New Delhi
December 2013, 560 pages

Project Cinema City is an anthology of text and image essays, documentation transcripts, maps, graphics, annotated artworks and films on various configurations of the cinema and the city of Bombay/Mumbai. The book will be released on 9th December, 5pm at IFFK (International Film Festival of Kerala) by eminent filmmakers Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Harun Farocki. The release will be followed by readings from the book and a panel discussion with the editors, visual artist Ayisha Abraham  and film scholar Dr C S Venkiteswaran. We especially look forward to the Q & A session following this.




29th June 2013, A Discussion on dates.sites at the Akademy of the Arts of the World, Cologne, Germany

Madhusree Dutta, the author of dates.sites Bombay/Mumbai, in conversation with Regina Wrywoll about the ways in which a ‘timeline’ can be represented in text.


22nd November 2012, Book Launch of dates.sites at Max Mueller Bhavan, Bengaluru, 6.30-8.30 pm


An evening around the book dates.sites, organized by Max Mueller Bhavan, Bengaluru and Majlis Manch, Bombay.

dates.sites: Project Cinema City Bombay/Mumbai; authored by Madhusree Dutta, Designed by Shilpa Gupta and Madhusree Dutta, Tulika Books, Delhi, 2012
Welcome Address by Christoph Bertrams; Director, MMB Bangalore
From Cinema City to dates.sites: presentation by Madhusree Dutta (producer/curator of Project Cinema City)
Film screening: Dhananjay Kulkarni “Chandragupt”, Dir. Rrivu Laha (10 mnts) – A film writer impersonates as night watchman
Panel discussion: Ayisha Abraham (visual artist), Indira Chowdhuri (archivist) and Manu Chakravarthy (cultural study scholar). Moderator: Arshia Sattar (cultural theorist)
Reading from the book by Arundhati Nag


17th-19th November 2012, Film screenings & Art Show at Bar 1 Studio, 6-7:30 pm

17-18-19 November, Bar 1 Studios, no. 69/3 Mission Road, 6-7.30pm
To commemorate Project Cinema City show at NGMA Bengaluru (3rd November to 2nd December, except on Mondays and national holidays) BAR 1 Studios holds a special programme on Other Cinema Cities as a dialogue between experiences in Bangalore and Bombay. It consists of a film programme curated by Hansa Thapliyal and a related show of art works by Bangalore artists.
Film Programme:
17 November, 6-8pm
Looking for Amitabh by Meenakshi Shedde (2003, 5 mnts
Sandra from Bandra by Paromita Vohra (2005, 18mnt)
The Channel V promo: Gheun Tak (2mnts)
Nusrat Has Left the Building … but When? By Farjad Nabi (1997, 20 mnts)
Swambhabhami YugeYuge (I shall be recycled again and again) by Madhusree Dutta (2003, 4 mnts)
Dark room by Renu Savant (2009, 10mnt)
Nasik by Kamal Swaroop (2007, 20mnt)

18 November, 6-8pm
I live in Manipur, I go to school in Korea by Mamta Murthy (2010, 6 mnts)
Videokaaran by S.Jagannathan (2011, 73 mnts)

19 November , 6-8pm
7 Islands and a Metro by Madhusree Dutta (2006, 100 mnts) (Filmmaker will be present for discussion)
Art Show on Other Cinema Cities: Works by multiple artists Suresh Kumar Gapalareddy, Christph Storz, Bharatesh Yadav, Joseph Khaksouri.


4th November 2012, Conversations on Ways of Mapping the City at NGMA, Bengaluru, 10:30 am-4 pm
4 November, NGMA Bengaluru, Manekyavelu Mansion, 49 Palace Road, 11am-4pm
Conversations on Ways of Mapping the City.
Session 1, 11am-1pm
Urban Intervention: Art, Activism and Collective: Deepa Dhanraj, filmmaker; Nam Ismail, journalist, Arvind Narain of Alternative Law Forum and Madhusree Dutta, filmmaker and curator of Project Cinema City

Session 2, 2-4pm
(Re)presenting City: Subverting the Popular: Atul Dodiya, visual artist; Archana Hande, visual artist and co-curator of Project Cinema City; Pushpamala N., visual artist and Shantamani, visual artist. Moderator: Suresh Jayaram, visual artist and art critic.


1st November 2012, Book event on 'dates.sites' at 1 Shanti Road, Bengaluru, 6-7:30 pm
An evening around the book dates.sites: Project Cinema City Bombay / Mumbai, authored by Madhusree Dutta, graphics and designed by Shilpa Gupta; Tulika Books, Delhi. Rs.995.The book is a timeline of the city of Bombay / Mumbai in the 20th century, anchored to its most adored public institution: Cinema
Welcome address by Suresh Jayaram; Introduction by Madhusree Dutta
Researching found image / text: Presentation by Paroma Sadhana and Shikha Pandey
Discussants: Christoph Storzch, visual artist; Ram Sinam, graphic designer; Shilpa Gupta, visual artist and designer of the book and Anil Kumar, art historian


8th October 2012, Launch of book dates.sites at Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata, 2.30-7.30pm
Book Launch of dates.sites Project Cinema City Bombay/Mumbai, organized by School of Women’s Studies, Jadavpur University, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Kolkata, Majlis and Tulika Books
Welcome Note by Martin Waelde & Samita Sen
Introduction to Archives & the School of Women’s Studies, JU by Hardik Brata Biswas (Prof. Jadavpur University)
Cinema City, a presentation by Rohan Shivkumar (Architect, KRVIA)
Introduction to Project Cinema City by Madhusree Dutta (Producer/Curator)
Panel Discussion on the book:
Samita Sen (Professor, Jadavpur University)
Sadanand Menon (Photographer & Cultural Journalist)
Sarnath Bannerjee (Artist & Graphic Novelist)
Madhuja Mukherjee (Filmmaker)
Ruchir Joshi (Writer & Filmmaker)
Indira Chandrasekhar (Independent publisher, Tulika Books)


14th September 2012, Documenting the Transient, Archiving the Contemporary at Ambedkar University Delhi, 3-5 pm
Short Film Screening: Sin City (Dir. Shrikant Agawane)
Introduction to Project Cinema City – What is Research Art and Documentary Practices?: Madhusree Dutta (Filmmaker & Curator of Project Cinema City)
Panel Discussion:

Pushpamala N. (Visual Artist)
Vivan Sundaram (Visual Artist)
Kaushik Bhaumik (Film Historian)
Ranjani Mazumdar (Film Scholar)


12th September 2012, Materiality, Performance and Location in Cinema City, at MMB, New Delhi, 6-8 pm
Short Film Screening: Dhananjay Kulkarni “Chandragupt” (Dir. Rrivu Laha)
Conversation on the book dates.sites Project Cinema City Bombay/Mumbai: Shohini Ghosh (media theorist) with Madhusree Dutta (Filmmaker & Curator)
Short Film Screening: Dark Room (Dir. Renu Savant)
Panel Discussion:
Kaushik Bhaumik (Film Historian)
Anuradha Kapur (Theatre Director)
Rohan Shivkumar (Architect)
Moderated by Robin Mallick (Goethe Institut)


3rd August 2012, Book Launch of dates.sites Bombay/Mumbai, at Osian's Cine Festival at Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi, 5 pm onwards

The Delhi Book Launch of dates.sites Bombay/Mumbai (Text by Madhusree Dutta, Design by Shilpa Gupta; Tulika Books, 2012)


Opening remarks by Neville Tuli

Introduction by Kaushik Bhaumik

Conversation between Madhusree Dutta and Shilpa Gupta, moderated by Lawrence Liang, on the making of the book

Release of the book by Dibakar Banerjee

Screening of video clips from Project Cinema City

A performative reading from the book by Maya Rao


20th May 2012, International Symposium on Archiving the Contemporary, at National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai
Introduction to the Project Cinema City Madhusree Dutta
Keynote Address I:  The City of Festival: The Durga Puja of Contemporary Calcutta
Tapati Guha-Thakurta, Director, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Kolkata
Respondent: Gulammohammed Sheikh, Artiste
Panel discussion: Archiving the Contemporary
Rohan Shivkumar, Architect, Deputy Director KRVIA
Lawrence Liang, Alternative Law Forum
Jyotindra Jain, Researcher, Museologist and former Dean of School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU
Chair: Ashish Rajadhyaksh, Film Historian and Senior fellow, Centre for Study of Culture and Society
Keynote Address II: Living Archive: Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Director, Arsenal: Institute of Film and Video Art, Berlin
Respondents: Arghya Basu; Filmmaker and faculty of FTII, and Paromita Vohra, Filmmaker
Conversation: The City as Artwork/Archive
Artists of the Project Cinema City (Atul Dodiya, Anant Joshi, Archana Hande, Kausik Mukhopadhay, Pushpamala N., and Shreyas Karle) in conversation with Kaushik Bhaumik, Film historian and vice president, Osian’s – Connoisseurs of Art


28th March 2012, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, Short Course on Film Curation and Practice: Curatorial Interventions in Cinema City Project, Madhusree Dutta
Curatorial Interventions in Cinema City Project.


22nd August 2011, at Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai for workshop on Film Curatorial Practices by Katha Centre for Film Studies: Project Presentation
Project presentation.


15th to 24th April 2011, The South-South Exchange Programme for Research on the History of Development, Egypt
Conference on Visual Methodologies: Beyond the written and towards the sensory. The Calendar Project: Iconography in 20th Century presented by Shikha Pandey


30th January 2011, Film and Television Institute of India, to commomorate the Golden Jubilee of the institute
Panel Discussion on Cinematic Imaginations and the City
Speakers: Ajit Duara, Gayatri Chatterjee, Kaushik Bhaumik and Rohan Shivkumar; Chair: Madhusree Dutta


1st November 2010, Korean National University of Arts, Seoul, Conference on City and its Cinema
Conference on City and its Cinema


July-October 2010, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda: Public Lecture Series
13th July
City Narratives: film/s on Bombay by Amrit Gangar
20th July
Multi-linguality of the City and Urban Literature by Mitra Mukherjee Parikh
3rd August
Urbanity in Post-war Europe and Cinema of the Underground by Robin Mallik
17th August
Contemporary Art and the City: Conversation between Art Critic Girish Sahane with performance artist Nikhil Chopra
24th August
Writing the Bloodstream of the City: Talk on contemporary writings by Ranjit Hoskote
31st August
The Re-makes, Remixes and Re-circulations in Digital Era by Paromita Vohra
14th September
Performing urbanity: Bodies and performance conventions in urban Hindi cinema by Jerry Pinto
21st September
Digital Dialect: An overview of Manipuri cinema: presentation by Mamta Murthy
28th September
Imaging the City in Contemporary Documentary Practices by Surabhi Sharma
5th October
Validity of City Cinema in the 21st Century by George Jose
12th October
Exhibition of students’ dissertation works
An audit of the course by Madhusree Dutta
Conferring of certificates of participation by Sudhir Patwardhan
Presentations by the students
Closing remarks by Marla Stukenberg


July-September 2010, Edward Theatre, Kalbadevi Road: Weekly Public screening of World City Cinema
22nd July
Goodbye Lenin by Wolfgang Becker  2003 (Germany). Portrait of an East German family around the fall of Berlin wall.
29th July
Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard  1960 (France). Tale of a street smart crook and a female newspaper vendor on the streets of Paris. (Curtesy Alliance Francaise de Mumbai)
5th August
The Devil Strikes at Night  by Robert Soidmak  1957 (Germany) Duration: 105 minutes. A serial killer is found to be a mentally deranged man and a staunch Nazi loyalist by the Gestapo officials.
12th August
Films on Bombay / Mumbai by Films Division. Duration: 90 minutes.
The Burning Sun by SNS Sastry
And Miles to Go by Sukhdev
Explorer by Pramod Pati
Arrival by Mani Kaul
Destination Bombay by G L Bharadwaj
Trip by Pramod Pati
19th August
Bhumika by Shyam Benegal 1977 (India). Duration: 142 Minutes. Based on Sangte Aika, the autobiography of the film star of ‘30s and ‘40s,Hansa Wadkar.
26th August
Memories of Underdevelopment by Tomas Gutiérrez Alea 1968 (Cuba). Duration: 97 Minutes. Caught in the intersection of a changing society in Cuba, immediately after the revolution, the protagonist from the elite strata watches life through a binocular.
2nd September
An Autumn Afternoon Yasujiro Ozu, 1962, Japan. Duration: 112 minutes. The last film by the maestro, depicts the journey of an old patriarch who slowly comes in terms with the modernisation process and shifting of social values.


13th July 2010, School of Women's Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Project Presentation
Project presentation.


9th July 2010, SNDT Women's University, Inauguration of the PG Certificate Course
Premier of Anna Sound Please by Tangella Madhavi
Panel Discussion on Cinematic Cities and City Cinema
Speakers: Madhusree Dutta, Rahul Srivastav and Sadanand Menon; Chair: Kaushik Bhaumik


29th April 2010, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda: An evening of Contemporary City Narratives
Screening of Sin City by Srikant Agawane (15 min)
Introduction to the project Cinema City by Madhusree Dutta
Framer Framed: Filmmaking practices. Paromita Vohra converses with Saeed Aktar Mirza.
‘Unreal City’: Poetic narratives and the cities. Readings from the works of Arun Kolatkar, Dilip Chitre, Namdev Dasal and Arundhati Subramanium. Moderated by Abhay Sardesai and Mitra Parikh.
Mapping Bodies in the city: Architect Rohan Shivkumar talks to visual artist Sudhir Patwardhan.


16th February 2010, Arsenal Kino II, Forum Expanded, Berlin International Film Festival 2010; on occasion of 60th anniversary of Berlinale: Cinema City Project Presentation
Screening of Certified Universal by Avijit Mukul Kishore, Dark Room by Renu Savant, Have you Dreamt Cinema? by Hansa Thapliyal and Sin City by Srikant Agawane
Panel Discussion on Cinema City
Speakers: Dorothee Wenner, Kaushik Bhaumik, Madhusree Dutta, Robin Mallik and Rohan Shivkumar; Chair: Nicole Wolf


11th October 2009, National Centre for Performing Arts
Preview of Cinema City: Interdisciplinary Art and Archive Project (courtesy Asia Society India)
Conversation with artist  Atul Dodiya and art critic Ashish Rajadhyadhaksha
Screening of Certified Universal by Avijit Mukul Kishore, Have you Dreamt Cinema? by Hansa Thapliyal and Dhanajay Kulkarni ‘Chandragupt’ by Rrivu Laha; Discussion moderated by Paromita Vohra
Panel Discussion on What is Cinema City?
Speakers: Madhusree Dutta, Mamta Murthy and Rohan Shivkumar; Chair: George Jose
Screening of Dark Room by Renu Savant, Do Refique by Rafeeq Ellias and Sin City by Srikant Agawane; Discussion moderated by Surabhi Sharma


April 2009, India International Centre, New Delhi: Curtain Raiser on the project (courtesy Magic Lantern Foundation)
Presentations: Screening of Dark Room by Renu Savant, Project introduction by Madhusree Dutta, Topology of the Cinema City by Rohan Shivkumar, Screening of Dhananjay Kulkarni ‘Chandragupt’ by Rrivu Laha, Introduction to Pila House by Abeer Gupta, Considering ‘Return of Phantom Lady’ by Pushpamala N.